quarta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2015

email interview to Vera Tucovic - Belgrade

por Vera Tucovic
Vera Tucovic

1. What is your first contact with photography?
First? I can't remember. maybe 30 years ago when I was at Santorini for the first time. I had a Nikon, and the sunset was most beautiful on the world.

2. How developed the passion for photography?
I don't understand what does it mean desenvolveste? My husband is a photographer.

3. What type of photography do you like to do?
Doors, windows, houses,animals... Empty town....

4. What kind of photography you usually do?
Your Photos of Porto are beautiful. I think that you prefer street, but you are good in landscape and I saw one flower:)

5. Have you read any books on photography? If so, which ones?
Anselmo Adams, a lot of them. The New Zone system metering

6. Have you done some photography course?
No. Never.

7. What are the parts of the day that you usually shoot (morning, afternoon or evening)?
Morning. But I use any time when I am free.

por Vera Tucovic
por Vera Tucovic

8. Dou you shoot during the week or on the weekend?
Whenever, not every day, but when the light is good enough....

9. What is the photography equipment that usually use?
Camera nothing else.

10. Have you tried several cameras or do you use always the same camera?
I tried Nikon and Canon, a little bit a Practica

11. Have you tried shooting with mobile phone?
Oh, yes

12. If you do portrait photography, do you have same usual model?

13. When you travel you carry the camera with you? What are you looking photograph? Landscapes, monuments and / or People?
I take my camera with me every day. When I am abroad I use to make the Photos of people, Street, Town, Atmosphere ...

14. What usually shooting mode? (automatic, manual, aperture priority, etc.)
Automatic and manual

15. Do you like more the picture in color or black & white?

por Vera Tucovic
por Vera Tucovic

16. In your Photo Gallery can you delete all the pictures until you get a gallery with your 6 best photos? Or you like all at once?
I have some favorites :))))

17. Do you ever publish your photos in a photo site? If so, which ones?
No, except on Google+

18. What do you looking for in a photo site? (exhibition of photos, comments, tips, etc.)
Exhibition of Photos, because You don't have real critics there. Ciao, bello, lindo, etc. 

19. What pleases you in the picture: Aesthetics; Composition; Color; Light; Contrast; Visual impact
Light and compositions. In color Photography i prefer combination cold-warm colors

20. Who else influenced you in the photo?
My husband. He is Photographer.

21. Why is photography important to you?
Because of him. Because of my daughter, she wants to study Photography.

22. Do you believe in the expression: A photo is worth a thousand words? If so, why?
Yes, because the words are not enough all the time, and memories are forever.

23. If the picture did not exist, the world would be different?
For sure.

24. What else would you like to see through your camera?
Somebody brain perhaps. Minds...

25. Who is your favorite photographer?
Dragan Jovanović, Anselmo Adams, Graeme Allan, Joao Pires etc.

26. Do you think you have to have talent to register emotion in a photograph?
You have to have technique and good eye. And of course emotions.

27. Do you think the price of a camera may affect the final result of the photo?
Absolutely no! Who knows, knows. my husband make a wonderful photos with small Canon, smaller than mine.

28. Do you own style on the photo? If so, what?
Oh, no my dear young friend. I am just learning ...

29. For you photography is a hobby or a way of life (professional)?

30. What does it take to be a good photographer?
A lot of that. You have to know all about analog Photography if you want to be a good Photographer.

31. What else do you like to photograph?
Challenge. You learn every day something new.

32. In your opinion, what makes photography an art?
A lot of that. Composition, light, ideas, trouble. Something new. Your world and my world can be completely different.

33. Do you believe that the roll photo (35mm) will definitely end up in digital photography?

34. What is the history of your photography? All photographers are considered storytellers. What transmit your photos?
Well, I am not a photographer. I told you almost everything.

35. As a photographer, is it you the first critical of your work?
I really don't know.

36. Do you agree with the expression: "Writing a eulogy with the intention to please the photographer to receive your visit is as bad as to a destructive criticism."